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Jeff Schlanger is a leading authority on institutional change management, with more than four decades of experience at the highest levels of law, law enforcement, independent investigations and monitorships.  His newest venture, IntegrAssure, builds on his experience in conducting independent investigations, monitoring police departments, banks, and other major institutions, and blending those skills with a risk management process to promote reform, continuous improvement, and integrity assurance.  


Denise Lewis


Denise Lewis has spent over 30 years developing and honing her expertise in the areas of law enforcement, internal and external investigations of police agencies, and most notably, the independent monitoring of police organizations. She held a variety of patrol and supervisory assignments conducting both criminal and internal investigations before retiring from LAPD. In 2000, then-Sergeant Lewis was assigned to the internal investigation team reviewing the causal factors of the LAPD’s Rampart CRASH corruption incident – a scandal that led to the Department of Justice investigation of that organization, and eventually LAPD’s agreement to a Federal Consent Decree. During her tenure with the LAPD, Ms. Lewis led the newly created Audit Unit, which was mandated by the Consent Decree.  Ms. Lewis and her staff received audit training from the Independent Monitor’s team on how to develop formal audit work plans based on management objectives, policies and procedures, and applicable state and federal laws in order to ensure compliance and identify risk management issues. In the Audit Unit, she supervised both sworn and civilian staff in completing on-going audits designed to determine the department’s level of compliance with Consent Decree mandates.  Audit findings included not only the status of compliance, but more importantly, recommendations to remedy barriers to success. At least in part as a result of her work in this area, LAPD successfully implemented the required reforms and the Consent Decree was deemed to be a resounding success. Since retiring from LAPD, for almost six years, starting in 2003 Ms. Lewis was a member of the Independent Monitoring team of the Detroit Police Department (DPD) where she provided DPD with the Technical Assistance to stand up their internal audit unit.  In addition to training the DPD audit staff, Ms. Lewis also conducted compliance assessments of DPD’s various reform efforts including best practices and applicable standards for investigations, uses of force, training, holding cell facilities, and assessment of the audits completed by DPD. Ms. Lewis has assisted numerous police departments, including the Los Angeles Airport Police Department and the San Jose Police Departments in establishing and institutionalizing the internal audit function, including the development of the requisite audit protocols, policies, procedures to help manage the many risks associated with law enforcement activities.  In addition, she has provided training to police departments on the evaluation of policies and procedures related to use of force, arrest, and detention. Most recently, Ms. Lewis served as Deputy Monitor of the University of Cincinnati’s Police Department (UCPD) during its voluntary monitorship that resulted from a fatal officer involved shooting.  Following that event, the UCPD underwent a comprehensive review and subsequently agreed to implement 276 recommendations over a three-year period. Through the department’s resolve and determination, and with the assistance and expertise of the monitoring team, the UCPD was able to achieve compliance in only two years successfully complying with all the recommendations.

Dayna Schock


Dayna Schock is a former active-duty member of the United States Coast Guard, where she served from 1996 until 2016.  In the Coast Guard she served in a variety of roles specializing in Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement and Training.  In two decades of service, she conducted drug interdiction, migrant interdiction, search and rescue, fisheries enforcement, homeland and maritime security, and defense operations including port security and tactical pursuit. 


During Ms. Schock’s tenure in the Coast Guard she worked with an assortment of other agencies including the US Secret Service participating in both Presidential and Vice-Presidential security details; the US Navy, ICE and US Border Patrol, performing migrant interdiction; DEA, ATF, FBI conducting counter-drug operations; and FEMA performing disaster relief.  She has also worked extensively with state and local law enforcement from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.   While stationed in New Jersey, she was called to respond to New York City on September 11, 2001. Her next year was spent patrolling the waters around Washington, DC in joint security efforts with other federal agencies and local police.  In 2003, as the executive officer of a Protector Class Patrol Boat, she was sent to the Port of Morehead City, NC to provide port security for civilian and military cargo ships as they loaded and sailed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 


Ms. Schock is a certified Technical Instructor specializing in on-the-job training.  She was instrumental in developing the regulations and training programs for what would become the Tactical Pursuit Training Course. She served as a Federal Law Enforcement Instructor, trained, and certified by the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy now in Charleston, SC.  As a qualified Boarding Officer, she also served as a Boarding Safety Officer and on-scene analyst during and after boardings, especially boardings requiring use of force.  Ms. Schock taught and coached numerous active duty and reserve Coast Guard members in use of force, technique, tactical pursuit, boarding approach and departure, heavy weather-boat operations, first aid, firefighting, marksmanship and search and rescue coordination.   


Prior to joining the Coast Guard, Ms. Schock studied Criminal Justice at the University of South Carolina while training as a police cadet.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and finance, and an associate degree in business administration from Thomas Edison State University, in Trenton, NJ.  Ms. Schock is a graduate of the USCG Senior Enlisted Leadership Academy in New London, CT.  She holds a 100-ton Master Merchant Mariner’s License with a towing endorsement.  

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